Khloe Kardashian slams haters who've been trolling her since OJ Simpson was granted parole

Khloe Kardashian has no time for haters.

Following news that Kardashian family friend O.J. Simpson was granted parole on Thursday, users began flooding the reality star's social media accounts with messages of hate, bringing back to light the speculation that the former NFL star is her real father.

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Cyber bullies didn't hold back, writing things like, "OJ runnin' right back into ya life #DaddysHome," "You're definitely OJ Simpson's child" and "Stop taking selfies and go see your dad!"

Others had her back, reminding the haters how hurtful it was to leave comments like this as her actual father, Robert Kardashian, who was one of Simpson's defense attorneys in the infamous 1995 murder trial, died in 2003. Simpson was found not guilty for the murders of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ron Goldman.

"The comments under Khloé's picture is sick," a fan on Twitter wrote. "I'm so hurt she needs to deal with this all. Robert Kardashian is her father, leave her in peace."

Khloe responded to the tweet, writing, "People are a**holes but I don't care lol I focus on the good."

Another fan chimed in and said, "People are legit f**ked and it makes me angry."

"They are all f**ked lol such as**oles," Khloe wrote. "Hehe oh well.... I'm happy and they hatin."

As ET previously reported, Simpson was granted parole while at the Lovelock Correctional Center in Lovelock, Nevada, where he appeared live via video teleconference in front of the Nevada Board of Parole Commissioners in Carson City. The decision was handed down by parole commissioners Connie S. Bisbee, Tony Corda, Adam Endel and Susan Jackson, the same four board members who granted Simpson parole at his July 2013 hearing on his kidnapping, robbery and burglary charges.

During his parole hearing, Simpson said he has lived a largely conflict-free life, and that he had done "his time."

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"I've always been a giving guy, even on the streets, people have always come up to me," Simpson said, stressing that he's continually served as a peacekeeper in jail among other inmates. "Right now, I'm at a point in my life where I just want to spend as much time with my children and my friends. I'm not looking to be involved with the media. I'm not interested in any of that. I've done my time. I've done it as well and as respectfully as I possibly can."