'Girls Trip' is not just for African- American women

Jada Pinkett Smith and Regina Hall visited BUILD Series NYC to talk about their new comedy 'Girls Trip.' The movie is about four friends that travel to New Orleans for the annual Essence Festival. While on the trip they do a lot of dancing, drinking, brawling, and romancing. The movie has an all African- American cast playing lead roles, and that has led many people to believe that this film is mainly for African- American women. Even though this film is about black womanhood, all women can relate to the film, and the situations the characters go through.

There are various themes in this film that all women can relate to. According to Smith even though the film's stars are African -American women the movie is about sisterhood, and that is something most women can relate to.

"Even though it is starring four African- American women it really is about sisterhood for all women. The themes are so universal; friendship, watching women come together when we are going through tough times and coming together to have a good time!

Regina Hall's character, Ryan, represents many women seem like they have the a perfect and well put together life, but in fact, their life is crumbling around them. Ryan is a character whose problems are not defined by her race.

"I think we are in an age where there is so much societal pressure, and people get really attached to their image and what people think of them. Sometimes that becomes more important than our happiness. It is also important that we keep our own identity, no matter who we are with. That is what I loved about the movie is the support system that every woman in this movie has. We have so many different television shows that show women pitted against each other and fighting. So, to be able to show women, other women who give so much love to each other, I loved that about the movie."

Smith, also lets you know this film is not just for women; men can also enjoy the film. If women can go see 'The Hangover' and enjoy it, then men can watch 'Girls Trip' and enjoy it as well.

"It is called 'Girls Trip,' but it's really not gender specific. I have heard a lot of men came to see this movie and have not only liked it they love it. Even us women can go see movies like, '[The] Hangover,' and we can enjoy it and embrace it. So, I think this is a movie quite like that. Like I said before, it ['Girls Trip'] is for African- American women, but I believe that this is a movie for all women. Just like we can go see a movie with all white women like 'Bridesmaids' and be able to embrace it, and see things within it that we can relate to and have a good time. I see that with this movie as well."

You can join Smith and Hall on their 'Girls Trip' July 21st in any local movie theater near you.