EXCLUSIVE: Rachel Lindsay says she doesn't want anyone from her season to be the next Bachelor

Peter Kraus may have wanted to be The Bachelor, but he doesn't exactly have Rachel Lindsay's blessing!

ET's Lauren Zima caught up with the Bachelorette on Monday, when she reacted to Peter's high school Bachelor ambitions, and revealed who she thinks should be chosen instead.

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"I saw it!" Rachel said of Peter's high school yearbook photo, in which he listed "be on The Bachelor" as his "future plans." "I thought, 'OK!' I guess dreams come true! You're on The Bachelorette, close enough. Good for you, Peter!"

"I mean, I can't judge him for what he wrote at 18," she confessed. "I wouldn't want people judging me for things I did at 18."

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Peter definitely has the fan support behind him, but Rachel, who still has weeks before her fiance is revealed on The Bachelorette, would like to see someone else as the next Bachelor.

"I feel slightly possessive over the men that were on my season," she admitted. "Do I think he's a great person? He's obviously handsome, absolutely. All my top four would [be great], but I don't want to see any of them as the next Bachelor! Let's pick someone from JoJo [Fletcher's] season."

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Rachel also opened up about another frontrunner, Bryan Abasolo, who isn't getting as warm of a reception on social media.

"I'm not surprised, because that was my reaction when I first met him. I had my guard up. I questioned it," she said. "I haven't really been paying attention too much to what fans are saying, but I'm not surprised they think that."

"I just think over time, you fall into feelings the way I did. I gave him a chance, so I feel like they should too," she added.

Rachel's sister also appeared to be skeptical of Bryan in a promo for The Bachelorette.

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"I expect that from my sister. She's my older sister, she's protective, and honestly I questioned it too at the beginning, so I wasn't surprised to hear my sister say that. I think you'll see more how that plays out as you watch that episode with my family," she said, before diving into her own biggest fears with Bryan and Peter at this point in the show.

"With Peter, it's pretty obvious, what his mom talks about [during this week's hometown date]. Is he ready? Does he want the same things I want? I didn't come here for a boyfriend. I came here for someone who wanted to propose, who hopefully could find that in me, and we want the same things in each other," she said. "That's my biggest concern with Peter: Is he ready?"

"With Bryan, at the beginning I had a lot of concerns about, 'Is it too good to be true?' He's very charming, is what he's giving me sincere? That was my biggest thing, do I trust his sincerity," she revealed.

The Bacheloretteairs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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