'iCarly' star Nathan Kress is expecting his first child with wife London: 'Our hearts are so full'

They grow up so fast!

Ex-Nickelodeon star Nathan Kress, who starred as Freddie on "iCarly," is about to be a dad! The 24-year-old and his wife, London, made the big announcement with one of the cleverest baby announcements in Hollywood history.

"Me and my baby in London. Me, and my baby in London. Me. And my baby IN --->LONDON <---," he captioned a photo of himself and London in London, England. "Get it??"

The two, who wed in 2015, look beyond smitten as they share a smooch along the River Thames. Another photo shows Nathan with his hand gently on London's belly -- although she couldn't help cracking a joke about the sweet moment: "I put my barf bag down for this photo," she wrote.

Nathan Kress and wife London Kress
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Nathan Kress and wife London Kress
I put my barf bag down for this photo. #seriouslySOexcited ❤️😍#weloveoursweetbabyKress #completelyworthit #secondtrimesterherewecome
Me and my baby in London. 🇬🇧 Me, and my baby in London. Me. 👨 And my baby 👶 IN --->LONDON 👧🏼<--- Get it??🤰🏼😉 Mommy and daddy are thrilled to announce Baby Kress, arriving January 2018👪💙
Such a beautiful, blissful Saturday in our quaint English town. This morning we walked across the street to the cutest farmer's market outside of our flat. We arrived with nothing but fresh bed head, sweatpants, and our morning tea in hand... but left with fresh bread, meat, and assorted cheeses from the English countryside, along with a variety of untouched, clean European produce. I have much less fear eating the food here. It's so pure. 🥖🧀🥐🍅🍒🍇🍓🍯🥚🍞🥕
Yeeeeep. We're "that" couple. In our defense, these were the shirts we were gonna wear on our honeymoon one year ago... Which is where we are heading right at this moment. Our first anniverary trip/the honeymoon we never got to have. New Zealand, here come your LOTR nerds ready for adventuring and ALL THE MEALS!! #elevensies #luncheon #afternoontea #dinner #supper
In about a half hour, it'll be exactly one year from the moment that I stood in front of my family and friends, groomsbro's by my side, and watched my bride come down the aisle. Tried not to cry, failed miserably. She was just too beautiful. As she got closer, it started to hit me more and more, with every passing step, that my actual soul-mate was about to bond herself to me for the rest of our lives. I felt like the luckiest guy in the world. That was the best day of my life. But that best day has stretched into the best year. I can't even begin to count the ways that this woman has blessed me, as my wife, and as my best friend. It has been an immeasurable joy to dedicate this year to building a foundation that will last a lifetime. Happy Anniversary, London!! Thank you for being the most lovable person I've ever had the privilege to know. Here's to this past year, and for all the years to come. I love you so much!! PC: @sasha_m_sheldon
I let a bunch of people down that weekend.. #nottaylorswift #sorry #justbangs
One of these days I may learn to stop talking when cute pictures are being attempted. Today is not that day. #noahandcaraline2017
Finally rising from the ashes...slowly, but surely. #hotdate #mybffl #butholydangwindtho #allergylifechoseme
So proud of this baller. After over a decade of sometimes debilitating pain, my girl stuck to her guns amid frustrating doctor's visits, elected to have surgery, and discovered that she's been dealing with endometriosis for much of her life. She did great in surgery and is recovering at home. We're so thankful for this outcome, and I'm absolutely pumped to watch her quality of life improve as a result. Here's to you, Londy. We are blessed, today, and every day.
Check my story to tag along with us as we finish out this season of @indycar!!! Also, VOTE FOR HINCH!!! #DWTS #TeamStopAndGo (why is this photo backwards??? I DO NOT KNOW. LET IT BE.)
Our mission was to find a castle in Napa. Mission accomplished. #ThereWasATortureChamber
This hardly sums up our week... filled with heinous colds, severe stomach ache attacks, lower backs randomly going out, and finally being at the emergency vet till 2am due to the dog throwing up since 3pm. We prayer crawled our whole house and property today. We've just about had it...But at least we get to go through it all, hand in hand. And through it all, IT IS WELL ♡

The littlest Kress is due in January 2018, and the parents-to-be are already preparing: "Our hearts are so full. Thank you guys so much for your support," Nathan tweeted. "Now to spend the next several months researching car seats & diaper cream!"

Nathan's "iCarly" co-stars Miranda Cosgrove, Jennette McCurdy and Jerry Trainor were all in attendance when he and London tied the knot nearly two years ago. In fact, they carpooled to the ceremony! "Riding together to see our baby boy @nathankress get married," Jennette wrote at the time.

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