When Harry met Harry: Harry Styles chats with Prince Harry at London premiere of 'Dunkirk'

Here are the facts: Prince Harry and Harry Styles shook hands and chatted for maybe 10 seconds at the London premiere of "Dunkirk" on Thursday.

Here is the movie pitch: They lock eyes across a bustling red carpet: Harry, looking boyish yet refined with tousled hair and red loafers. Other Harry, appropriately royal in a medal-adorned navy suit. The intensity, it's palpable.

Anyway, here are the photos.

Although a few people did capture the historic moment on video, the audio isn't clear enough to hear their brief conversation, which is a tragedy.

The two Harrys have met at least once before, back in 2015 -- a simpler time, if you'll recall. It was at the annual Royal Variety Performance, during which One Direction (RIP) performed. The two had a brief conversation; Prince Harry asked 1D Harry if he planned on ever cutting his hair.

Well, he did cut his hair. Also, he's now a movie star, solo artist who sells out arenas in two minutes and all-around most important celebrity of 2017. Any questions?

Earlier in the day, Prince Harry hosted veterans from Afghanistan, Kosovo and Dunkirk at Kensington Palace and then escorted a few of them to the premiere.

"Dunkirk," based on true World War II events, is out in theaters now.