'Wish Upon' stars Ryan Phillippe, Joey King, and Mitchell Slaggert reveal their wishes

Ryan Phillippe, Joey King, and Mitchell Slaggert visited BUILD Series recently to promote their respective roles in "Wish Upon," a thrilling new horror film directed by John R. Leonetti, who also directed the hit 2014 movie, "Annabelle."

King's character, Clare Shannon is given a strange music box by her father, Jonathan Shannon (Phillippe), that grants 7 wishes. The initial excitement of owning and using the magical box eventually turns into a nightmare as each wish comes with a pricey consequence.

The trio each told fans what their first wish would be if the music box existed in real life -- without the unfortunate consequences of course!

Slaggert, who plays Clare's crush Paul Middlebrook in the movie, went with the intellectual route by smoothly responding to the audience, "Understand the universe!."

"Mine is going to be something boring like world peace or end of human suffering," stated Phillippe to which King interrupted "No you can't do that at all obviously", to which Phillippe rebutted, "No because you guys are young, you guys have things to wish for. I'm about to head to pasture. My best days are behind me and a lot of my wishes have come true. So now it's the end of human suffering for me, that's my wish, I'm done!"

"That's so beautiful, now I'm like I'm going to feel like not nice," responded back King.

"Just wish for an Oscar or something," Phillippe teasingly suggested.

"I was going to wish to like...you guys remember the movie 'Ratatouille', and how Remy the rat makes the ratatouille and how pretty it looks? I've always wanted to try his ratatouille, like specifically his!"

"Your wish is for a cartoon dish?!?," exclaimed Phillippe.

"But it looks soooo good that even the food critic was like 'This is amazing!'," defended King.

"You'd be eating pixels," reasoned Phillippe.

"Yeah, but like if Remy the rat was real! Whatever Ryan! Guys I didn't go into the specifics of my wish, okay, I just want it to happen," declared King.

You can see Phillippe, King, and Slaggert in the pulse-pounding flick "Wish Upon" when it hits theaters this Friday, July 14. Check out the official movie website for more info and to purchase your tickets.