Get a look at the 'Game of Thrones' Season 7 premiere with these spoiler-y new photos

The Game of Thrones premiere is almost here — we're talking days, people! — and HBO has released a final batch of photos before Season 7 makes its debut on July 16.

These photos offer our last look at episode 1 of Season 7, titled "Dragonstone," and while they don't give much away, we're still happy to use them to ease our withdrawal until Sunday.

Another shot of Lyanna Mormont in the Great Hall at Winterfell, hopefully reiterating her support for our new King in the North, Jon Snow.

So that's how Cersei got her cool floor map of Westeros — some poor servant probably spent a week painting it.

The remaining brothers of the Night's Watch look like they're investigating something — perhaps a young Stark on a sled seeking passage through the Wall, along with his long-suffering protector?

Yep, here's Meera with those same burly Night's Watch brothers — Bran's almost home, at last!

Daenerys and Grey Worm take in the view of Dragonstone, the castle where Dany was born but fled when she was still a baby after Robert claimed the Iron Throne from her father, the Mad King.

Dany's Dragonstone throne room — who needs a chair made of swords?

Brienne and Pod are at odds! JK, they're probably sparring in the courtyard of Winterfell, since he's been a little busy for his training recently.

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