Ariana Grande once reenacted 'Mean Girls' with her friends -- and it's everything and more

Stop trying to make fetch happen, Ari!

But before Ariana Grande transformed into a pop star right before our eyes, she was just a girl from Boca Raton, Florida, who spent her weekends making homemade movies with her friends and uploading them on YouTube.

While her "5 Minute Total Body Workout" video or her rendition of Christina Aguileras' "Ain't No Other Man" definitely had us rolling on the ground laughing, there's one video on her YouTube channel that tops them all.

Ariana and her friends must have been pretty bored one night because they decided to reenact the first few minutes of "Mean Girls" -- and it's everything we could've hoped for ... and more!

While she didn't land the leading part of Cady Heron (played by Lindsay Lohan in the original flick), Ari showcased her acting chops by playing not one, but FOUR characters in the homemade movie. How's that for talent?!

The video begins with the movie's opening scene -- Cady's parents sending her off to her first day of high school after spending her whole life being homeschooled. Ari, with her unidentified friend, hilariously play's one of Cady's parents.

In the next scene, Grande switches gears to play one of those "weirdly religious" homeschooled boys.

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She then takes on the role of the lovable Ms. Norbury, who, in our opinion, may be the real hero in this movie. Grande definitely gave Tina Fey, who plays the 12th grade calculus teacher in the real movie, a run for her money!

But the funniest scene of all may be when Ariana plays Cady's angry German teacher and yells out a mean "BLEIBEN IHREN VORGENANNTEN PLATZ!"


Truly. Iconic.