Cringeworthy photos of Prince William French kissing back in 2006 resurface

Prince William doesn't kiss and tell, but thankfully that's what the internet is for!

Back in 2006, a 23-year-old William was lucky enough to go backstage at an Atomic Kitten concert, and one of the band's members lived out every girl's fantasy by getting a steamy kiss from Wills.

Prince William leaned in for a polite kiss on the cheek, but Natasha Hamilton went in for the kill -- a steamy French kiss with a lot of tongue! At the time, the handsome royal was also dating Kate Middleton, who he married years later in 2011.

The photos are nothing short of cringeworthy. As you can tell, Natasha's use of tongue is totally obvious.

Prince's Trust 30th Live - Green Room
Prince's Trust 30th Live - Green Room
Prince's Trust 30th Live - Green Room
Prince's Trust 30th Live - Green Room


The royal probably had a lot of explaining to do! We're guessing that Kate was pretty cool with it, however, as they are now happily married and with two kids of their own.

But if you're wondering if there's any more kissing photos of Wills, the chances are zero to none as members of the royal family rarely show any PDA.

If you haven't noticed, even William and his wife don't hold hands in public! The reason? They're just following the standard set by Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, according to a royal expert.

The expert also revealed that despite their lack of affection during official state appearances, the two are actually emotionally close. We're not surprised. With all the adorable photos of Kate and William together during public outings, the chemistry is totally obvious!

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