'MasterChef' contestants get tripped up over scrambled eggs

"MasterChef" contestants definitely got fried by some scrambled eggs on Wednesday night's episode.

The episode started out with contestants whipping up a perfect dish with a plate full of seafood, but things really got runny when contestants had to take on their next challenge -- eggs.

Not just any eggs, but Chef Gordon Ramsay's perfect eggs. Ramsay gave a cooking lesson to contestants on how to make the perfect breakfast, scrambled eggs on toast with a side of roasted tomatoes and mushrooms. But not every contestant was able to follow along with the cooking lesson.

Sam, Jeff, Heather, Yachecia struggled the most with their eggs, but it was ultimately Heather who was unable to wow the judges with her eggs. Chef Tosi exclaimed that Heather's eggs were overly peppered and were rubbery.

This week, Heather was sent packing up her knives. Until next week, "MasterChef" fans.