Ansel Elgort gives spoilers on his new film 'Baby Driver'

Ansel Elgort and director Edgar Wright stopped by BUILD Series NYC to promote their new film 'Baby Driver.' This action-packed film is about a young man named Baby (played by Ansel Elgort) who is coerced into working for a crime boss, and forced to take part in a heist that is doomed to fail. Ansel Elgort lets slip what we can except in the movie and what happens at the end.

Elgort may seem like an outgoing guy, but he claims to be just as shy as his character Baby.

"I'm very shy! I think there are parts of everybody that's shy in their own ways (especially) when you are around certain people or a certain group that you feel you don't really belong in. So, when you meet him (Baby) with the heist of criminals he's serious and quiet, but the second he going into the bank he starts singing along and dancing along to Blues Explosion, and then he comes back he is serious again."

Elgort's character Baby is in enough car chase scenes to keep you entertained throughout the film, but according to Elgort he is not actually driving the car.

"They let me do a little bit of diving, but for the most part the big stunts I didn't do. You're in a car and I'm pushing a wheel around because I know how I am supposed to be driving, but there is a guy secretly in a pod above me doing the driving."

Elgort gave, even more, details on the film and spilled what we can except in the end.

"You see him at the end of the movie, stand up and be a man and protect this girl that he has fallen in love with. Towards the end of the film, he (Baby) gets himself in trouble and he's able to talk his way out of it."

You can watch 'Baby Driver' on June 28th in theaters nationwide.