'Days of Our Lives' star Bill Hayes, 92, meets Jimmy Fallon at a 'Tonight Show' taping -- and it's incredible

Jimmy Fallon was chatting with his "Tonight Show" audience during a commercial break when one man caught his attention -- and something incredible happened.

"My grandfather has been on 'The Tonight Show three times a guest," the man said, as some audience members began to recognize the person beside him. "He's the longest-living television actor in the world. He started in 1948 and he's still on 'Days of Our Lives' today."

"Bill? Bill Hayes?!" Fallon responded. "Come here."

At Fallon's request, the 92-year-old actor made his way down to the "Tonight Show" stage, which he first graced in the 1950s as a guest of Jack Paar and Johnny Carson. As a producer fitted Hayes with a mic, it became clear that Hayes is no stranger to the mechanics of TV production: "I started on NBC in 1948," he told Fallon, before adding that he's the man behind the song "Ballad of Davy Crockett."

"Wait, you sang 'Davy Crockett?!" a stunned Fallon asked. "That was you?!"

"That was me," Hayes replied.

Emmy-nominated Hayes and his wife, Susan Seaforth Hayes, are longtime actors on "Days of Our Lives," where they play beloved characters Doug and Julie. Their real and on-screen relationships were so popular that they are the first and only soap opera stars to ever grace the cover of Time magazine.

Photo: @DaysHayes

Fans loved the behind-the-scenes video so much that some suggested Fallon create a recurring segment honoring older Hollywood stars.

"This was truly the kindest of gestures and a display of utter class by Jimmy for allowing Bill to be an impromptu guest for the show and pay respects to this legend," one wrote.

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