TJ Miller fires back at critics blasting his 'Silicon Valley' exit

T.J. Miller's exit from HBO's "Silicon Valley" has been met with mounting speculation as to what it could mean for the comedian's career going forward, but Miller isn't worried.

After his last episode of the HBO show aired on Sunday night, Miller spent Monday firing back at the fans and critics who said he'd come to regret the decision.

"I love this. I am currently in 3 movies and shooting #Deadpool2 as we speak," Miller replied to a New York Post tweet comparing him to other "cocky" actors who left TV shows at the height of their popularity. "But it looks like I'm cursed. Oh @PageSix you're always right."

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"Pretty sure you regret that profile picture you f—ing piece of s—" he wrote to one user who predicted Miller was "really going to regret leaving" the show.

In another tweet, Miller listed all of his upcoming projects, echoing a previous interview in which attributed the reason for his exit to his increasingly busy schedule. Miller's upcoming film roles include "The Emoji Movie," "Ready Player One," "Walden" and the sequel to the Fox's blockbuster, "Deadpool." He also has a successful career as a stand-up and the Comedy Central series "The Gorburger Show."

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In an interview with TheWrap, Miller said that reading the Season 4 finale script — which saw Miller's character stranded at an opium den in Tibet — made him realize the timing was right to walk away. "It was an a-ha moment — they had given me this out," he said. "So that was my a-ha moment with, 'I could do something unexpected, something dynamic.'"

Co-showrunner Alec Berg previously told TheWrap that the finale was written in the way it was because producers "kind of had a sense that this might be the end of the road for him."

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