Demi Moore attends wedding with her lookalike daughters: Who's who?!

The more Moores, the merrier!

Demi Moore and her three daughters attended a wedding over the weekend, and the foursome could pass for quadruplets: Rumer, Scout and Tallulah are carbon copies of their mom.

With strikingly similar faces and interchangeable wardrobes -- this family loves floaty floral fabrics! -- each young woman looks more like Demi than the last. If we had to choose the ultimate lookalike, the title would go to Rumer for those long dark tresses.

The wedding took place in Denver, and if Rumer's photos are any indication, it was a gorgeous affair. "Maaaahwage is wat brings us togevah..." Rumer captioned one of the shots, citing -- of course -- "The Princess Bride."

A little family history: Rumer is Demi's oldest daughter at 28. Scout, 25, is the middle child, and 23-year-old Tallulah is youngest. All three were born to Demi and ex-husband Bruce Willis, who remains tight with the ladies despite divorcing Demi in 2000.

Demi recently appeared in "Rough Night" alongside Kate McKinnon, Scarlett Johansson, Zoe Kravitz and more leading ladies. She attended the premiere in an earth-toned chiffon gown that showed off her cleavage -- and looked a fraction of her age. Check out her look in the gallery below: