Brooke Burke-Charvet shows off her bootylicious workout routine on a yacht in Italy

Ever wonder how Brooke Burke-Charvet looks so good? Just watch the mother-of-four do her workout routine.

The 45-year-old actress showed off her bootylicious workout on board a yacht off the Amalfi Coast of Italy this week, and it definitely gave fans an eyeful. Burke-Charvet donned a black and white bikini as she did squats, leg raises and toe touches. Naturally, her super cute husband, David Charvet, filmed her routine so she could share with her fans on Instagram.

The happy couple, who've been married for 6 years, are traveling through Europe together and have made their way from the south of France all the way to Italy. Their most recent Instagram posts show them on a yacht off the coast of Italy enjoying sunshine, pasta and lots of wine.

Throughout their entire European getaway, Burke-Charvet has been sharing tips to stay in top shape while she's on vacation. The multi-tasking mama has done leg raises on a chair, squats, and more. How is that for summer bikini body inspiration?

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