Tucker Carlson slams CNN’s Trump coverage as ‘advocacy,’ ‘not really journalism’ (Video)

Fox News host Tucker Carlson slammed rival CNN on Thursday night, saying the network practices "advocacy" as opposed to journalism these days because they attack President Trump so often.

Carlson and The Hill media columnist Joe Concha were discussing the fact that CNN and MSNBC didn't air Trump's recent rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa in its entirety.

"MSNBC I get actually, they know who their audience is. That doesn't bother me," Carlson said. "CNN's supposed to be a news channel and they talk about Trump a lot and here they have a chance to actually show Trump talking but they cut away. What is that about?"

Concha cited a statistic that CNN spent 92 percent of its airtime talking about Trump.

"When you're so myopic on a particular person, in this case the president, why wouldn't you cover him live to actually hear what he has to say?" Concha said. "Unless that unfiltered version of Trump doesn't allow for commentary, punditry, or speculation around the latest 'bombshell' that came via unnamed sources."

The "Tucker Carlson Tonight" host then dropped the comment that is sure to bother anyone associated with CNN.

"It's not really journalism what CNN is practicing anymore. It's advocacy," Carlson said. "And again, that's okay. I think there's a role for advocacy, but why does the channel continue to brand itself as a news outlet?"

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