'The House' stars Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler share their thoughts on improvisation

Comedy stars Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler took time out of their busy schedules to visit AOL's BUILD Series to discuss and promote their latest movie, 'The House' from Warner Bros. Pictures. They play Kate a.k.a. "The Burner", and Scott a.k.a. "The Butcher" respectively, a married couple that has to work together in order to earn money to pay for their daughter's college education after doing the unthinkable -- ruining her college fund. You'll have to see the movie yourselves to see how they earn the money back. But you can expect a lot of laughs and antics from the two.

During the interview, when asked how tight or loose they stuck to the script in regard to improvisation, Ferrell and Poehler gave a hilarious response.

[Ferrell]: "Amy can't read! It's more of a sketchpad and kind of a cartoonist thing that you read."

[Poehler]: "I know how things look. Like I can get symbols. Yeah, I just go by the pictures."

They both jokingly agreed that "reading is so overrated!" when it comes to movie scripts.

[Poehler]: "Millennials don't read, right? They're like...reading?? Pass! They're like OMG. LOL. No, I'm not reading, thank you very much!"

[Ferrell]: "Reading. Sad! Covfefe."

[Poehler]: "I like my covfefe in the morning. How do you take your covfefe in the morning?"

[Ferrell]: "With a lot of exclamation points and a dash of sad."

All jokes aside, the pair said it was important to get playful with the roles.

"Here's the thing [when you get the script], improvising is just another writing pass. So we have the script, we do a table read, there's rewrites, you get it into what you feel like is a really funny version, and then hopefully when you have an ensemble of actors the way we did, it was two or three takes written and then off to the races. So that's kind of the way most comedies are done now I would say," explained Ferrell.

"It's nice to be able to have the ability to improvise. It doesn't always means its better, sometimes it's just longer and less funny. But to be able to know you can do that is always really important," added Poehler.

"It's a great tool. It's stupid not to do it. But you can't leave a set ever after shooting day going, 'That's staying in the movie.', because as you edit it, you never know. It could just be running long, it could be hilarious but it's just too long at that point in the movie, and you need to move on to the next thing. The story needs to pick up. So you're truly don't know what's going to stay in the movie. So as long as you have a healthy approach that like we say, 'Oh, this will never make it.', and then you're pleasantly surprised when it does," added Ferrell.

"Yeah, I love to keep my expectations low always," sarcastically concluded Poehler.

Long story short, Ferrell and Poehler loved the idea of getting to do improv but it has to be used in a way that moves the story along rather than sacrificing the storyline just for the sake of a really long joke.

Check out Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler in 'The House', in theaters nationwide starting June 30th!