'MasterChef' contestants take food to the lifeguards -- but it's not enough to save Paige

"MasterChef" just sent another home cook packing!

On Wednesday's episode of "MasterChef," contestants were asked to bring their A-game -- to the beach! The episode, aptly titled "Feeding the Lifeguards," was the first episode in Season 18 where the contestants had to compete in a team challenge and prepare fresh fish and vegetables for over 100 lifeguards.

Brien led the red team during the challenge, while Jennifer led the blue team. Brien's group decided to take on a sea bass and created a dish that consisted of crispy skin sea bass with a side of bamboo rice, peas, pineapple, eggplant and a grilled corn salad. The blue team seemed disorganized under Jennifer's leadership, but ended up creating a Cajun rock fish with broccoli rabe slaw, potatoes, purple green beans, and a beurre blanc sauce.

Chef Ramsay is clearly unimpressed by Jennifer's leadership skills as the lifeguards are left to wait for their fish. But he wasn't too fond of the soggy eggplant from the red team either. But in the end, it was the blue team's disastrous leadership skills that put them in the hot seat back at MasterChef kitchen.

The blue team competed in the pressure test and it was definitely an eye-opener. The team cooked a pork chop in their own flavors and styles. First up to get judged is Jennifer and Chef Ramsay tells her that her pork chop is undercooked and that things aren't looking good. Gabriel is up next and admits that while the test was rough, he managed to churn out something the decent. The judge's were mostly fond of his dish.

Caitlin is up next and while her spices and cactus are spot on, her pork is a bit undercooked. She still seems like she's going to survive. Dino then brings up his pork, which the judges say is perfectly cooked an the flavors are great.

Jenny then comes forward with her chop and they tell her that her sauce needs a bit more tequila. Paige seems confident with her dish, but the judges definitely cut her down to size. Judge Christina tells her that she won't even eat her chop it is so undercooked.

Unfortunately, Paige's piggy sent her packing this time!