Ellen publicly shames an audience member for stealing in cringeworthy segment

Don't take advantage of Ellen when she's feeling (de)generous.

A recent segment from "Ellen" is going viral, and it's one of those clips that just makes you cringe for days: An audience member got inappropriately greedy during a free giveaway -- and Ellen completely called her out on air.

The setup went like this: Ellen's team set out a table of free merchandise before the show and told guests to choose one item. There were a number of options -- shot glasses, mugs, t-shirts, hats -- but everybody plucked just one item from the table. Until Nancy came along.

As the hidden cameras rolled, an audience member, later identified as Nancy, collected several items. She then returned to the table later to take more. "No one will see it," she's heard telling her friend.

So you can imagine her shock when Ellen played back the tape!

Ellen kept the audience laughing as she pointed out Nancy in the audience, who embarrassedly claimed she was taking extra items because her sister couldn't make it to the taping. "A lot of people's sisters couldn't come," Ellen countered.

Although the woman didn't seem too mortified -- she gamely giggled as Ellen benched her in "jail" -- it's definitely a moment that'll take awhile to live down.