Air Force One's televisions are programmed to record an unexpected TV show

It's official: Literally everyone loves HGTV.

When you think about which television shows would likely be programmed to record on the president's plane, you'd likely think of cable news programs, right? The president and the press that follows him around the world probably want to keep up with the news and watch pundits argue about Trump's latest actions, so they record the dailies to watch back during long plane rides.

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But, no, you'd actually be wrong in thinking that.

Associated Press White House reporter Jonathan Lemire tweeted out a photo on Wednesday night revealing that instead of being programmed to record "The Rachel Maddow Show" or "Tucker Carlson Tonight," the televisions on Air Force One are actually set to record hit HGTV show "Property Brothers."

"The receiver needs to change the channel to 229 HGTV at 11:00p in order to record 'Property Brothers,'" a prompt on the television reads in the photo.

Though it's unclear if the setting is Donald, Melania, Barron or someone else's doing, it doesn't really matter: We just love the fact that someone on Air Force One loves HGTV just as much as the rest of us do.

We just wonder what Jonathan and Drew Scott think about this!

See photos of the Property Brothers:

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