Trump gets a Twitter library - thanks to 'The Daily Show'

NEW YORK, June 16 (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump is getting a library, as former American presidents do to commemorate their tenure, but this one is a brief tongue-in-cheek endeavor that features just his tweets.

The Trump Presidential Twitter Library opened its doors for business in New York City on Friday, just a few blocks from the businessman-turned-politician's Trump Tower residence.

The venture comes from satirical U.S. TV show "The Daily Show" and displays some of Trump's best-known tweets on the social media platform.

The Republican president is a prolific user of Twitter, using it to communicate his thoughts on a range of political and other issues and to attack his political and celebrity opponents.

"Daily Show" host Trevor Noah said the library, open to the public through Sunday with no admission charges, is aimed at assembling in one place "some of the greatest ideas that have ever been shared in 140 characters or less."

"What we've done here today is really put together the finest tweets, the best of the best, the moments that encapsulate what the president means on this beautiful platform," said Noah, who like other late night television hosts has roundly mocked Trump in his five months in office.

The Trump tweets are arranged in categories including "Constructive Criticism," "Deleted but not Forgotten" and "Always the Best."

Noah said there are tentative plans to take the Twitter library to other cities after its weekend debut in New York.

Real presidential libraries - there are 14 of them dotted around the country - preserve a historical record of former presidents and are run by the Office of Presidential Libraries.

(Reporting by Reuters Television; Editing by Jill Serjeant and Frances Kerry)