Hillsong UNITED talks nostalgia and fan reactions with the release of their new album

Jonathon "JD" Douglass, Taya Smith, and Joel Houston from the Christian worship music band, Hillsong UNITED stopped by AOL's BUILD Series to discuss and promote their latest album, Wonder. It's their sixth studio album and much like their previous works, you can expect many inspirational tunes that will lift your spirits regardless of your religious views.

During the interview, Douglass, Smith, and Houston shared some interesting details about their new LP including why they named their new album, Wonder, and the impact of their music on mainstream platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

Houston revealed that the title, Wonder comes from the sense of nostalgia in that it's a "project of 12 songs and each of them tells a story." They used the old-school way to approach album making as compared to artists who focus more so on the single(s).

During the early stages of developing the new album, Houston and his band mates would contemplate the following:

"Why do we fall in love with music in the first place? Why do we believe in what we believe? What was it that led us to this place to begin with?"

"Wonder was a word that we kept coming back to. It's really easy for us especially as you journey through life, as you get older and mature, you experience more, you're less fascinated by things, and you could become more limited in our world view which I think is the problem to so much that what we experience in life today. I think there's more beauty to be found in the world and in people than we often allow ourselves to see," explained Houston.

Hopefully upon listening to their new record, you'll regain and/or retain the sense of wonder and tap into your imaginations wherever you are in life. With all that being said, Hillsong UNITED's music's impact in mainstream media has been duly noted by the band. One such example is via social media.

"Social media connects people, you know, they could be on opposite sides of the world and I've had a couple people say 'Hey, I'm not necessarily Christian. I'm not really sure what I believe in and I'm figuring that out, but your song came on the Spotify playlist and I listened to it and I felt better than I did before, and it just made me feel happy and I just feel a bit lighter and I'm just interested in hearing other music, and do you have any other stuff? Could you point me in the direction to find it?', and I think that's kind of awesome and kind of the point at what music should do for people. It should encourage them and they should feel inspired with whatever was in their hand and they would go forth and just give it everything that they have. I love that and it's someone who may not necessarily believe what I believe, but they can hear the message and if they can feel uplifted, then that's the best thing ever," shared Smith.

You can download Hillsong UNITED's new album, Wonder on iTunes and Google Play. If you're in the NYC area this weekend, you can get tickets to see them perform at the Beacon Theatre on June 18th! For more info and tour dates for Hillsong UNITED, visit their official site.