Ryan Seacrest reveals he got gifts and advice from former 'Live' co-hosts Michael Strahan and Regis Philbin

Ryan Seacrest got the blessing of those that came before him ahead of taking his seat next to Kelly Ripa on Live.

The 42-year-old TV personality became Ripa's permanent co-host on the long-running daytime talk show on May 1, and tells The Hollywood Reporter that Live alums Michael Strahan and Regis Philbin both reached out to him in one way or another. Seacrest says that Strahan sent him a bottle of wine, while Philbin called him on the phone. "He said to me, 'Ryan, I was most worried about doing something the night before so we had something to talk about in the first 20 minutes of the show, so just make sure you're doing something,'" Seacrest recalls.

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As for his looming return to host ABC's American Idol, THR reports in their piece of Seacrest that his deal is close to being completed, but it almost didn't happen. After Katy Perry was solidified as a judge on the series reboot, Fremantle -- the production company behind Idol -- reportedly came back to Seacrest and offered him significantly smaller salary. THR says Seacrest and his team found the offer insulting after his 15 years of service on the show and asked that his name be taken out of the running.

Once ABC got wind of this, they reportedly pleaded with Seacrest to reconsider, insisting they would make it right. "I've always loved the show," Seacrest tells the trade publication, not directly commenting on the reported negotiations. "And if I could do it forever, I would do it forever."

That being said, the beloved host did just recently uproot his life in Los Angeles to take the Live job in New York City, and it's not yet known where Idol will be filming. While it's probable that Seacrest will return to the show that put him the map, he ponders, "Who am I if not the American Idol guy?"

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"I've figured out what I'm better at and what I'm not so good at," he adds, over a month after taking over as Live co-host. "I'm doing the things that I'm better at. The things that I'm not so good at would make me tired and would make me want to slow down."

Former Idol host Randy Jackson recently revealed to ET that he was approached about hosting the reboot. "They wanted me to take Ryan Seacrest's job, because they said 'Look man, look, you got it. You know how to do it, dog,'" he shared "I would only host with Ryan. He's my friend. You know let's see -- Kelly and Ryan, Ryan and Randy. Oh man. It's gonna work, man. I feel it!"