Standout 'America's Got Talent' singer, Dr. Brandon Rogers, dies just weeks before his episode is scheduled to air

Just devastating.

Dr. Brandon Rogers, a young doctor with an incredible singing voice, passed away this weekend following a car accident. The incident occurred in Maryland on Saturday, TMZ reports, and Brandon was taken to a hospital where he died Sunday.

The 29-year-old's upcoming episode of "America's Got Talent" is scheduled to air in just a few weeks. He didn't even have to formally audition to get producers' attention: He was discovered through Instagram, where he regularly posted videos of himself singing. Take a listen in the slideshow below -- his voice is gorgeous.

One of Dr. Rogers' videos, a cover of a Boys II Men song, was so impressive that the band invited him to join them on stage for a performance.

Producers have reportedly not yet decided whether or not to air his upcoming episode. His family members told TMZ they greatly hope it airs.