'Rough Night' cast gives tips for a fun bachelorette weekend

Kate McKinnon, Jillian Bell, Ilana Glazer, Zoë Kravitz and Paul W. Downs stopped by BUILD Series NYC to promote their new comedy movie "Rough Night."

The film is about a group of friends who reunite after 10 years for a bachelorette party that goes horribly wrong when they accidentally kill their male stripper. This A-list cast was full of jokes, as they talked about their experiences filming the movie and also shared five very helpful pieces of advice on how to have a successful bachelorette party.

1. "Don't kill a stripper"

In the film, the ladies accidentally kill a stripper, and that destroys their night. If you kill the stripper, then you will not have any more entertainment and will probably go to jail.

2. "If there is a stripper don't jump on him"

Jillian Bell's character falls on top of the stripper, and that is how he dies. So, don't get to carried away with the male stripper and jump on him, he may die.

3. "Don't drink too much. Drink a glass of water after each drink. Take Advil before you go to sleep."

The first and second piece of advice may never happen if you follow this rule, and you won't do anything else crazy that you will regret in the morning. You want to remember this special moment, don't get blackout drunk.

4. "Bring Weed"

Because why not!

And last but not least.

5. "Remember that Zika is still a threat"

So, no unprotected sex ladies!

You can watch "Rough Night" in theaters this Friday at any local theater near you.