Backstreet Boys shock their grown-up fans with VIP tickets and meet-and-greet passes for Las Vegas shows

Shrieks. Tears. The biggest smiles you've ever seen, and one repeated phrase: "Oh... my... God!"

After more than fifteen years in the spotlight, the Backstreet Boys have gotten used to these types of reactions -- but there's something extra special this time around. In a new video announcing 15 additional Las Vegas performance dates, Nick Carter explains, "We picked fifteen fans who happen to have birthdays on the same dates as our new shows--"

"So we thought we'd send you all a little surprise and invite you to spend your birthday with us," AJ McLean chimes in.

The women, all at their homes across the country, begin to open their unexpected gifts, and their reactions are priceless -- or, shall we say, larger than life.

"They didn't do this. You did this," one woman, in total disbelief, says to her husband.

"The Backstreet Boys! Oh my God, I'm shaking!" another shrieks.

Suddenly realizing you need a ticket (and a Vegas vacation)? The Backstreet Boys' residency has extended through November of this year and January and February 2018. You can buy tickets right here.

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