Stephen Colbert predicts Trump impeachment at the Tony Awards

Stephen Colbert found a way to bash President Donald Trump while presenting the award for best revival of a musical at Sunday's Tony Awards.

Before announcing the nominees, the "Late Show" host compared the Trump administration to an ailing Broadway musical.

"It's my honor to be here presenting the Tony for best revival of a musical," Colbert said at New York City's Radio City Music Hall. "And it's been a great year for revivals in general, especially that one they revived down in Washington, D.C. It started Off-Broadway in the '80s, way Off-Broadway, over on Fifth Avenue. Huge production values. A couple of problems: The main character is totally unbelievable, and the hair and makeup, yeesh. No, no."

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Colbert extended the comparison by gesturing toward a possible impeachment of the president whose administration has been marred by an investigation into potential collusion with Russia.

"This D.C. production is supposed to have a four-year run, but reviews have not been kind," Colbert said. "Could close early, we don't know, we don't know, best of luck to everyone involved."

The late-night host wasn't done yet. Before announcing that "Hello, Dolly!" had won the award, he described one of the nominees, "Miss Saigon," as "the only pageant whose locker room our president hasn't walked in on."

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