Tom Cruise talks giving people nightmares with 'The Mummy': 'I want that!'

"The Mummy" may keep you up at night. Tom Cruise is okay with that.

The actor spoke to us at the film's New York City premiere on June 6, looking handsome as ever in a dark suit on the (appropriately) black carpet. We also had a chance to chat with co-stars Courtney B. Vance and Annabelle Wallis, as well as director Alex Kurtzman. Here's what they had to say about the action-horror flick:

Tom Cruise plays Nick Morton, a self-important thief who inadvertently unleashes the wrath of the Mummy herself.

I'm a very nice person, and your movie is gonna give me nightmares. How do you feel about giving many, many people nightmares with this film?

TOM CRUISE: Well, you know, I like to be scared. I enjoy a good scare. I think that that is the fun of these films. We're gonna create images and suspense that's gonna entertain people, and the film has tremendous adventure in it and some really great classic scares that you expect from a movie like this -- and I want that. I wanna have a jump, you know? I really enjoy that.

Courtney B. Vance plays Colonel Greenway, who has to put up with Nick's (Cruise) antics in the Iraqi desert.

Most people in the course of a lifetime do not get to yell angrily at Tom Cruise. How did that feel?

COURTNEY B. VANCE: Oh, I know. That felt good, that felt really good ... That was a fun scene, a really fun scene. I had a great time. I'm going to have to do that again so I can play a little longer with it. I wanna play with him more.

Do you remember the first character who really terrified you?

VANCE: Probably Jaws. I go in the pool now and I'm scared. I'm looking around me in the clear water -- it messed me up. Going in the ocean, I'm a little reluctant.

Are there any movies you think Hollywood should never remake?

VANCE: Don't touch "Casablanca." Don't touch "Godfather" again. Don't touch "Roman Holiday." Certain ones, just leave it. Any of the "Raging Bull," anything like that, no. I don't want to see that.

Director Alex Kurtzman also produced and co-wrote the film.

How many times have you watched this movie from start to finish?

ALEX KURTZMAN: Ten trillion. So many times.

Are you going to enjoy watching it for the ten trillion and oneth time?

KURTZMAN: Here's why I will. Because only in the last few weeks have I gotten to see it with an audience. And that's why you make a movie. You make a movie to hear the sounds of the audience, hear them laugh and gasp and scream.

One big gasp I heard from the audience is when Russell Crowe showed up. Kind of a surprise. What was the process like of bringing him into the movie?

KURTZMAN: Well, in looking for ways to come up with a new reason to make a "Mummy" movie, the idea was that Tom's character, Nick, comes to understand that the mummy exists in a larger world of gods and monsters, and Russell in many ways is a character who has been struggling with his own inner demon. He's got good in him, and he's got evil in him. He's been where Tom's character is going, so he acts as a mirror to Tom in many ways.

Annabelle Wallis plays leading lady Jenny Halsey, an expert on ancient Egyptian mummification.

You grew up in Oxford, where some of the movie was shot. Did you get to enjoy your hometown while you were there?

ANNABELLE WALLIS: No, I didn't, actually, our schedules were so intense -- we were there for a snippet of time. But it's so wonderful that we use the country as we do; it's a beautiful place, so I was just excited to be there for a moment.

How was working with Russell Crowe?

WALLIS: Everything I did with Russell was so wonderful; he's just such an exceptional actor. I learned so much from both actors, especially Tom, and Russell was such a treat to observe and behold, especially the two of them together.

Did you find that how Russell and Tom are in person is how you expected them to be?

WALLIS: Yeah. I always expect the best from people, and I think Tom and Russell are a testament to that. They work hard, they have great careers because they are those guys.

What's one movie you think Hollywood should never remake?

WALLIS: Oh! Oh! I don't know! I think there's inspiration in all stories. It's such a treat to be able to make a film, so if you get a chance to remake anything, I think you should, because I think to create is the biggest gift we have in Hollywood.

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