Kim Kardashian put on blast over gun-control essay

Watch out, Kim Kardashian, Second Amendment advocates have you in their sights.

Kardashian found herself under heavy fire on Monday, after tweeting a link to a gun-control essay she'd written.

"Raising awareness on gun violence," the tweet read, linking to an essay that began, "Friday, June 2, is National Gun Violence Awareness Day and I'll be wearing orange to show my support for stricter gun control laws in the United States."

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The essay continued, "It's been 18 years since Columbine, 10 years since Virginia Tech, four years since since Newtown and we're coming up on the one-year anniversary of the Orlando nightclub shooting. In almost 20 years, our country has made very little progress in enacting laws that would help protect innocent Americans from people who should not have access to firearms. Right now, there are more guns owned by civilians in this country than in any other country in the world. In February of this year, President Trump actually signed a bill revoking a regulation recommended by President Obama that would have added 75,000 names of people with registered mental illnesses to a national background check database. This is crazy!"

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Though the reality TV star added in her essay, "I'm not against guns and I'm not against people owning guns," Kardashian's message promoting the essay led to some itchy tweeting fingers, which let fly with a few choice responses.

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"OK Kimmy have your security guards give up their guns first!" shot back one detractor, who added, "I keep my constitutional right thank you very much."

"I'm getting my concealed carry permit today," chimed in another gun-rights advocate. "I will protect myself and loved ones!"

"Sorry Kim, but criminals don't follow gun laws," offered another.

"Were you promoting this before your jewelry heist? Thanks," snarked another responder.

Another response referring to Kardashian's jewelry heist read, "France has Gun control why you get screwed there?"

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"Criminals are called criminals because they break the law, so gun LAWS wont help," another social-media patriot offered.

"I am keeping up my support for the right to bear arms 4 ever," wrote another firearms fan.

Clearly, there are few restrictions about shooting one's mouth off on the internet.

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