Katie Lee shares how to get her 'Beach Bite' body

Cookbook author and chef Katie Lee swung by BUILD Series to chat about the newest season of her Cooking Channel show "Beach Bites," which she describes as "basically the best job on the planet."

The series' second season focuses on U.S. beaches and the delicacies served in nearby towns. The TV personality and host revealed her favorite beach, her initial desire to become a journalist and her favorite "Beach Bites" food (Alabama BBQ with white sauce!).

The co-host of Food Network's "The Kitchen" also revealed how she balances culinary indulgences.

"I love carbs. I'm no carb left behind...If I know I'm gonna have a big dinner, for lunch I'll make a giant salad," she said. "I don't think carbs are bad for you. They give you energy...Sometimes I cut out sugar. I love candy and ice cream...Soft-serve frozen yogurt, oh yeah."

Lee also confessed her secret for maintaining a trim figure while eating all that delicious fare.

"I'm not one of those people who says, 'I can eat whatever I want and stay in shape.' I have to work really hard. I exercise about 90 minutes a day," Lee said.

Wondering what a well-traveled foodie prepares for dinner when they're not jetsetting off to a sandy paradise?

"I make salmon and a salad quite a bit...Then there are nights when I make a giant bowl of popcorn [with butter]," said Lee. "This weekend I bought a skirt steak and just used a bottled marinade. It's delicious. It's fine to use a shortcut."

Watch the full interview here.

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