George Clooney's father talks 'gorgeous' new twins, praises 'super woman' Amal: 'George married up'

George Clooney's dad, journalist Nick Clooney, is giving an update on his new grandchildren, twins Alexander and Ella!

Nick spoke to FOX19 NOW and said that he and his wife, Nina -- who are based in Kentucky -- were introduced to the twins via Skype two hours after Amal gave birth on Tuesday. Nick said the babies were "doing well," and couldn't help but gush about his daughter-in-law.

"Amal, who is Super Woman, she is just amazing," Nick said. "The babies are beautiful, of course, she's beautiful. She was telling us last week that she is as big as a house. Of course, for her, that's a very small house. But, she's great."

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He also couldn't help but take a dig at his famous son.

"George, well, his eyes were glazed so I'm not sure that he was sober," he cracked about how the former ER actor was holding up. "We'll figure that out."

Nick described the babies as "gorgeous" with dark hair, and said that Alexander is already starting to resemble George!

"Nina swears they have George's nose. I don't know what that means," he shared.

He later acknowledged George's famous bachelor past, and admitted that he and Nina didn't think their son would ever settle down -- until they met Amal.

"By golly, when we met Amal, we got that figured out in a hurry," Nick said. "Just as I, George married up."

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On Tuesday, Amal's parents, Bara and Ramzi Alamuddin, also expressed their joy at the arrival of the Clooney twins.

"We are over the moon," Bara, who was in London with Amal and George, revealed to French publication AFP. "It was a beautiful delivery. The babies are beautiful and are doing well."

"They are in great health, all is perfect," Ramzi added.

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