Jerry Seinfeld practically runs from Kesha as she tries to hug him in awkward run-in (Video)

Sorry, Kesha: no hug for you.

Jerry Seinfeld rebuffed "Tik Tok" singer Kesha in a most public way on Monday night, thoroughly shutting down her effort to get a hug from the former "Seinfeld" star.

The moment occurred on the red carpet Monday night, as Seinfeld attempted to explain to an interviewer how it's difficult to sleep when you're tired.

Enter Kesha, who swooped in to declare her admiration for the comedian.

"I love you so much," the singer declared.

"Oh, thanks," Seinfeld replied.

"Can i give you a hug?" Kesha asked.

"No, thanks," Seinfeld replied.

"Please?" the singer pleaded.

"No, thanks," the comedian again asserted.

"A little one," Kesha asked once more.

"Yeah, no thanks," Seinfeld once again insisted, this time putting up his hand and moving quickly to put some distance between himself and the insistent hug-seeker.

After the awkward exchange, Seinfeld told his interviewer, "I don't know who that was," before being told it was Kesha.

Was that wrong? Should she not have done that?

Watch the cringe-worthy run-in in the video.

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