Hollywood Secrets: A haunted Los Angeles hotel was a favorite of U.S. presidents


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The famed Hotel Alexandria in sunny Los Angeles was not only a destination for Hollywood's biggest stars in the 20s and 30s, it also saw its fair share of visitors from the White House as well!

Hotel Alexandria was considered the most lavish hotel in the city until the Biltmore Hotel was built just a few blocks away. But before its downfall, the hotel was a favorite of presidents such as Woodrow Wilson and William Howard Taft.

The highlight of the building remains the "Palm Court," a dining room with a grand stained glass ceiling. In fact, the lavish room has hosted banquets for both Wilson and Taft.

Pictures of the ballroom don't do it justice. Can you imagine all the wild parties that happened in that room? We're sure Wilson and Taft found the time to mingle with actors Charlie Chaplin and Rudolph Valentino, who were also considered hotel regulars.

Hotel Alexandria underwent several renovations until it was finally bought out by a San Diego firm that specializes in converting historic buildings into affordable housing. In recent years, it has also served as the backdrop for several TV shows and movies, like "American Horror Story" and "Se7en."

And though the historic hotel is long gone, at least we still have stories of its fascinating (and creepy) history. Check out the video above to find out about one historian's scary incident inside the hotel's Rudolph Valentino suite.