Ben Bailey to return as host for Discovery’s revamped ‘Cash Cab’

Ben Bailey is getting back behind the wheel for Discovery's version of "Cash Cab."

The comedian and host of the original game show will return to New York City for — and with — a new spin: this time, Bailey will occasionally be joined by celebrities when picking up passengers. The rules are the same, with "Cash Cab" giving a taxi-rider the opportunity to win money for answering trivia questions — though they'll still be out on the street after three incorrect answers.

"Holy #%$&!! Cash Cab is back!!!" Bailey said in a statement. "HUGE thanks to all the fans who pushed for the show (and for me) to come back! Never before has a comedian been so happy to go back to driving a cab. OMG I think I left the meter running!"

David Steinberg will helm the new version, which also counts Bailey among its executive producers. Robyn Todd is co-executive producer.

"Cash Cab" is produced for Discovery Channel by Lion USA and Norton Productions. For All3 Media's USA, Tony Tackaberry and Allison Corn are executive producers. For Discovery, John Slaughter is executive producer.

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