John Legend, Mark Cuban and more celebrities slam Trump's Paris decision: 'We have to stop this a--hole'

"We have to stop this a--hole."

That was John Legend's stunned response on Thursday to President Trump's highly controversial decision to remove the United States from the 2015 Paris climate agreement. Legend joined an incensed Twitter chorus voicing their dissent -- primarily everyday people, but plenty of celebrities were in the mix as well.

"Shark Tank" star Mark Cuban took a different tone, urging Democratic congresspeople to meet immediately with the White House: "There should be one goal and that is for all of our politicians to sit with the President and resolve this and make him DO HIS JOB," he wrote.

Also tweeting their concerns and anger were Katy Perry, Bette Midler and a slew of other stars who emphasized the devastating effects this decision will have on the growing global climate crisis. Take a look at the reactions in the slideshow below:

Celebrities react to Trump's Paris decision
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Celebrities react to Trump's Paris decision
Trump is our national embarrassment.
We have to stop this asshole. This is urgent. You have to vote in 2018.
If I and my advisors had never learned what Science is or how & why it works, then I’d consider pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord too.
Today, our planet suffered. It’s more important than ever to take action. #ParisAgreement
Just when you think Trump cannot possibly do anything more stupid than gun-running to the Saudis, he pulls out of the Paris Accords. OMG!
who were the assholes applauding trump pulling out of the climate accord - who the hell were they - we need names #resistALLthingsTRUMP
Trump is having the U.S. pull out of the Paris Climate Accord. Too bad someone didn't tell his father that he shoulda pulled out, too.
1) If Dems are smart, they should call for immediate meetings w POTUS to determine how to get back in the Paris Agreement
I’m guessing that Donald Trump doesn’t see the irony in making his announcement to leave the Paris Agreement while standing in a garden.
It'll be great to see all the economic progress in blue states & cities that continue to embrace science & the Paris deal.
There has never in US history been such a destructive megalomaniac in the WH. Thank you to US press and other numbskulls who put him there.
. @realDonaldTrump I ask humbly to remember your children, their children & all children will be left to live w/the…
America First! Earth Last! #ParisClimateAccord
2017...the year science, reason and accountability died.
dem or republican this climate issue is awful. trump is truly an idiot that is harming all of us
What a huge step backward. We should be leading the world on this. #ActOnClimate

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