How female empowerment inspired Hilary Swank

Two-time Oscar award winning actress Hilary Swank graced the stage at BUILD Series NYC to talk about her new clothing line "Mission Statement." The line can be considered athleisure wear, but it can also be worn clubbing on a Friday night. Swank herself oversees every aspect of design for her clothing line, which explains its simple and clean-cut look that matches perfectly with her calm demeanor. During her visit, Swank expressed how empowering other women inspired her to create "Mission Statement."

Swank grew up as a very athletic person, and sports helped her realize and discover who she was as a woman. So, creating a clothing line for women to work out in was not a surprising move for the actress.

"I am so grateful that I had sports as a part of my makeup for a lot of reasons," she explained. "It makes you realize what your body is capable of doing. A lot of the times women are objectified and trivialized, and when you realize you can be strong, you want to use your body to work towards a goal. Then, also, the aspect of interacting with other girls and learning how to support one another for an end goal. That was a really important makeup for me. It really helped inform who I am today and encourage women."

According to the actress, "Mission Statement" has one main purpose -- and it has nothing to do with fashion.

"It's to help women find their own personal mission statement," she said. "Or encourage them to take an hour in their 24-hour day to work on their mission statement."

Overall, the fashion line is for the average, everyday woman who works hard doing several things a day and wants to wear the same thing while doing everything.

"Women are so busy, they're multifaceted, they're doing a million things, and a lot of times their kids are dong a million things. They want to go from their workout into their day, but not look like they're in their workout clothes. ["Mission Statement" is] the first ever crossover brand."

You can purchase this new trendy clothing line here.