George Clooney's father, Nick, looked just like his famous son back in the day

Like father, like son!

George Clooney, 56, is one of the hottest Hollywood stars today, but there's was one family member who held that title before he ever stepped onto the scene -- his dad!

Nick Clooney, now 83, started off his career as a news anchor at a local station in Lexington, Kentucky. He then gained national fame in 1974 as the host of short-lived ABC daytime game show "The Money Maze."

In promo photos from the show, a much younger Nick bears a striking resemblance to George. From the sexy smile to the strong jawline, George is definitely his father's son!

Other pictures from Nick's younger years also prove that the Clooney gene is strong! Nick could definitely pass as George's twin.

After his stint as a game show host, Nick continued on to have a successful journalism career while raising his family. He then tried his hands at politics during the 2004 election. Clooney ran for a seat in the House of Representatives representing Kentucky's 4th Congressional District. He eventually lost, and went back to journalism.

These days, Nick is probably busy prepping to be a grandfather to George and Amal's twins, which are due in June! George has expressed that he's "anxious" about fatherhood, so we're sure he's getting plenty of advice from his own dad.