Gal Gadot and Chris Pine on their 'flirty' 'Wonder Woman' romance


Actors Gal Gadot, Chris Pine and Connie Nielsen, and director Patty Jenkins visited BUILD Series to give the inside scoop on their upcoming flick "Wonder Woman."

The newest blockbuster to the DC Universe of superheroes focuses on Diana Prince (Gadot), princess of the Amazons, trained to be an undefeatable warrior on a remote island of female fighters led by her mother Queen Hippolyta (Nielsen). When an American pilot (Pine) crashes on their shores and relays the ongoing atrocities of World War I, Prince, aka Wonder Woman, must save the day.

The cast conversed about their rigorous physical training for their roles (which included 3000 calories a day and four hours of sword fighting and horseback riding), Pine's recent stint as "Saturday Night Live" host and the feminist themes of the Warner Bros. film.

When asked by an audience member what she hoped young women will take away from the film, Gadot said, "This movie is about a girl who dreams about being a hero. I can only hope that they feel they can be heros themselves and feel limitless and follow their dreams."

Gadot, who is known for playing Gisele in the "Fast and Furious" series, added:

"At the beginning, we were worried about talking about feminism without being too on-the-nose...[Diana's] completely oblivious to gender and societal rules and how we should behave. That created all the jokes and was refreshing."

Both Jenkins and Pine agreed that the film is unique in its uncomplicated emotional sincerity.

"Patty gave me an objective: flirt, make [Gadot] laugh, tumble, breathe heavily," Pine said. "The movie is a deep romance at the center. 'Casablanca' was our touchstone -- that epic Hollywood old-school glamour. Gal is my pal. We goofed around and had a good time."

"We're pals!" declared Gadot.

Check out "Wonder Woman" in theatres this Friday, June 2!