The food at Disney World and Disneyland is almost too magical to eat: All the tantalizing photos


Good thing exploring Disney World requires a lot of walking!

The internet freaked out in mid-May when news broke that Disneyland had debuted a new bread. Yes, bread: It's shaped like the face of Baby Groot of "Guardians of the Galaxy," and it's almost too cute to eat! The picture-perfect park snack joins Disney's unbelievable collection of insanely innovative foods, from Mickey Mouse pizza bread to rose-shaped cake pops even the Beast would enjoy.

Whether you're hitting up Orlando's Disney World, California's Disneyland or their Tokyo and Shanghai counterparts, there are endless treats to try -- and after taking a look at the photos below, you'll be ready to dole out the cash. (Because we all know a Disney trip ain't cheap.) And have your phones ready, because these magical dishes are as Instagram-worthy as they come. Take a look at these shots from @disneyfoodblog: