All of Princess Diana's relationships -- including her alleged fling with Canadian rocker Bryan Adams


Princess Diana lived a secret-filled life -- and that extended to her numerous romantic relationships. In the years following her 1997 death, however, shocking details have surfaced about Diana's life behind closed doors.

While the late royal, who died nearly 20 years ago in a tragic car crash in Paris, didn't fancy the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, she apparently couldn't resist the charm of a certain musician -- Canadian rocker Bryan Adams.

Adams wrote a single about the late royal in 1985 (before he had even met her) in which he calls her the "queen of all my dreams." Over a decade later in 1996, Bryan and Diana were involved in a scandalous affair. The Canadian musician's ex-girlfriend, Cecilie Thomsen, claimed he cheated on her with the princess. Their fling ultimately led to Thomsen's split with Adams.

"I knew Diana had an affair with Bryan," the former Bond girl said. "Ours was a stormy relationship and Bryan's affair with Diana didn't make it easier."

Diana allegedly also had relationships during and after her marriage with Prince Charles.

Hasnat Khan, a Pakistani surgeon, was considered the love of her life. He broke things off with her as the pressure of living life in the public eye proved to be too much for him.

At the time of her death, Diana had just started seeing Dodi Fayed, who was engaged to American model Kelly Fisher when they first met. Diana and Dodi's relationship began just a few weeks before the deadly car crash that killed them.

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