Say hello to your favorite 2032 Olympic swimmer, Boomer Phelps

Michael Phelps is back in the pool, baby! But this time he's not the one training...

The legendary 23-time Olympic gold medalist became a father back in May 2016, and lucky for us, his ridiculously adorable son Boomer is finally old enough to start following in his dad's footsteps.

On Friday the Phelps family announced they would be partnering with Huggies Little Swimmers to train Boomer for the 2032 Olympics. (!!!) The #Trainingfor2032 campaign encourages babies around the world to partake in fun and safe water play with their parents, but Phelps further explained the initiative at a very important and very real press conference.

Michael Phelps' gold-winning dad moments
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Michael Phelps' gold-winning dad moments
Not the best pic but one with so much meaning❤️ daddy got to feel baby p for the very first time😍 & he even saved a kick for his auntie @arschmitty
The little man didn't wanna miss national selfie day!! @boomerrphelps #nationalselfieday
9 years ago today you walked into my life @m_phelps00 who knew through all the ups and downs that 9 years later we would have started to build our family 💗 I love you and I can't wait for what our future holds!! Thank you @brandonblattner for capturing this moment
Boomer says what's up y'all!!! @nicole.m.johnson
These 2 mean absolutely everything to me 💙
Nothing like being home with the family!!! @nicole.m.johnson
It truly is just the best.... The feeling of the little guy relaxed and sound asleep on my chest! @boomerrphelps @nicole.m.johnson
I love our FaceTime chats with daddy @m_phelps00 especially when he tries to be serious and boomer just laughs 💖 #thesetwohavemyheart
Happy 1st Fathers Day @m_phelps00!! You're such an incredible daddy to boomer already 💙 & you can already see in Boomers eyes how much he loves you!! I look forward to watching your relationship grow 😍 #loveyou #family
The little man loved the water today!! @boomerrphelps and I got some extra laps in today!! #mpswim
I'm a proud daddy!! Finally figured this out!!! @uppababy #helovesthecar #fathersday @nicole.m.johnson
Getting kisses from daddy while he works 😍 @m_phelps00
I got to spend the day at the @atlantaaquarium yesterday with the family!! @nicole.m.johnson @boomerrphelps We were in so pumped to see the animals!!
#RioReady!! Thanks @underarmour for the early morning delivery!!! And thanks to Nina for my #mp & #usa #nails!!! 💙❤️ #herewegoooo #nodiamondsinrio #replacementring
So excited to spend a lil r&r with these 2!! @m_phelps00 @boomerrphelps #mymen
There's nothing like being back home!! Great way to spend my first day in retirement!! @boomerrphelps @nicole.m.johnson

"Some of the best memories of my life have been in the water — and none more special than the days I spend swimming with Boomer," Michael said while his son was busy stealing the show and eating the microphone.

"I'm not teaching Boomer to master the butterfly just yet, but #Trainingfor2032 includes safe water play that helps build comfort and confidence in the water," he added.

Phelps, who recently retired after a kick-ass run at the 2016 Olympics, and his wife Nicole just want to help swimmers thrive at a young age, and from the looks of it Boomer is really enjoying the water so far.

Boomer having a blast in the pool.

Image: huggies

Future Olympian, Boomer, getting a great deal of support from his family.

Image: huggies

The campaign will reportedly feature funny videos starring Michael and Boomer. And if we're lucky they'll all be as entertaining as this video of him on a float.

Though his dad has made history in the water, Boomer and his patriotic Olympic fashion already stole the spotlight from the stands last year, so we have no doubt he'll be a star in the pool, too.

Phelps' Olympic teammate Ryan Lochte will also be a dad soon, so perhaps if we're lucky we'll get to see another Phelps/Lochte face-off at the 2032 games.

The world can only hope.

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