Salma Hayek recalls how she wrongly suspected her husband of cheating

Salma Hayek really didn't like that a woman named Elisa was calling her husband.

On Friday's The Graham Norton Show, the 50-year-old actress recalls how she went off on her husband of eight years, François-Henri Pinault, after she suspected he might be cheating on her.

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"I trust him, but one day there was a message on his phone that said, 'Hi, if you want to improve your English why don't we practice now,'" she explains. "It was a very sexy voice and I thought, 'What the hell? Who is this Elisa coming after my husband,' but then I thought, 'No, let it go.'"

Hayek didn't let it go. "Anyway, about three hours later, I just screamed and shouted at him. 'Who is Elisa and why is she calling you?'"

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That's when Pinault revealed that she had it all wrong. "He was laughing when he explained it was an app that was helping him improve his English accent!" Hayek exclaims.

Also during appearance on The Graham Norton Show, Hayek shares a simple age-defying tip. "I've had no Botox, no fillers." she notes. "I do confess that I pull my hair back very tight! I have a headache but I endure it!"

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While the actress is no doubt an ageless beauty, Hayek confessed to ET that even she has insecurities about her appearance. "I don't always feel I look so amazing," she shared. "It's not the most important thing in my life to feel the sexiest."

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