‘Love Actually’ reunion sticks it to Piers Morgan in epic fashion (Video)

A certain fictitious politician is not the biggest fan of Piers Morgan, as seen in the "Love Actually" reunion.

The segment entitled "Red Nose Day Actually" aired Thursday on NBC as part of its "Red Nose Day Special," and the reunion for the popular 2003 film included Hugh Grant's Prime Minister character, David, squeezing in a dig at the expense of the British TV personality.

"Obviously, times for many people have got harder, and people are nervous and fearful. And it's not just in politics that things are tough," the P.M. said during a press conference. "Usain Bolt has run his last Olympics, the 'Harry Potter' films are finished, Piers Morgan is still alive."

Susanna Reid, who co-hosts "Good Morning Britain" with Morgan, told "The Daily Mirror" in March that she turned down a role in the "Love Actually" sequel because of the barb about Morgan. (The annual Comic Relief special aired on March 24 in the U.K.)

"He winds me up no end, but I also like him," Reid said of Morgan. "It's an impossible-to-predict recipe of mutual respect, irritation, frustration and admiration, but it works."

Watch the "Love Actually" reunion in the video above. The Morgan jab comes in the final scene, but the whole special is definitely worth sitting through.

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