What social star Jess Conte has planned for her future

Jess and Gabriel have made a name for themselves as one of the most adorably inseparable couples on social media.

Both started their careers by posting on social media, and it only grew from there. Jess first gained followers after one of her YouTube videos went viral, but since then her focus has been mainly on song covers and music.

It makes sense then, that she and her now-husband Gabe have also started their musical journey together with the release of their first EP album, "Under the Covers," which features covers of some of their favorite singers and songs.

We had the chance to chat with Jess about how she interacts with her fans, what she and Gabe have planned for the future, and more. Check out part two of the interview below, and be sure to read part one here.

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You and Gabriel have been selling some merchandise together on your website -- how did you guys come up with that idea?

We thought it would be fun to release different products that we really loved ourselves. We didn't want to put something out there that we wouldn't wear ourselves, for example. With the onesies, we mention onesies a lot on the vlog. We take target trips and get onesies and things like that -- so everyone knew we loved them and that was something we thought would be super cute to create for our viewers. We created the sweaters as well, which are our favorite kind of sweaters to wear, they're so comfy. I love candles, so we thought it would be cute to create candles, and they say It's Lit on them, which is something Gabe says like every two seconds. We have a coffee mug as well that says But First, Coffee, which is a catchphrase we use a lot on the blog. We wanted to be able to go through the design process and choose it all and it was really fun.

Do you guys have plans to do anything else with music or anything new for the vlog that you're super excited for?

We would love to do more music. We find ourselves missing the studio -- it was just such a fun experience and the response from the fans was just insane. People were tweeting me saying that our songs were being played in Targets and other stores in Australia, which is so weird for me to think about, and such a dream. We'd definitely love to do more music. With the products as well, we're thinking about what we can add and what we can release next. Our viewers just responded so well to them.

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Do you personally have an artist you look up to most and why?

The person I look up to most musically would have to be Ed Sheeran. His latest album is so great. He can word things so beautifully. He could be singing about something like a trash can, but still, make it sound so beautiful. He is so talented and is definitely someone I look up to musically. Also not just for the way he sings but I've seen him live twice and he does a lot of looping on stage. His songwriting is so inspiring and I aspire to be able to write one song as beautiful as his.

How would you describe your relationship with your fans? How do you communicate with them?

Our relationship with our fans is very personable. We vlog three times a week so they get to see a lot of us, and they get to see a lot of our lives and a lot of our personalities. They know a lot about us, and they know our personal jokes and they know our secret handshake. It's cool that they feel like they're a friend of ours. People say that a lot when they meet us -- they feel like they're one of our friends. It's important that we don't make them feel like we're at a certain level and that they're at a different level. Anyone can chat with us and be our friend. I love communicating with them on Twitter. I know a lot of our fans have group chats with each other. People who watch our videos will become friends with other people who watch our videos, they have these really cute group chats that I like going into and saying hi to everyone. They find that really special.

What advice would you give to anyone who's going after their dreams -- whether that be singing or starting a vlog or anything?

I like a lot of quotes and they really inspire me. I remember reading one quote that said: "The secret to getting ahead is getting started." That's always in my head, and I think if you want to do something, just start it. Another quote I like that's similar is"A year ago today, you'll wish you started yesterday." Along the lines of both quotes, I think if you want to do something you should just get started and try your best.

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