‘Price Is Right’ contestant breaks Plinko record, goes completely nuts (Video)

"The Price Is Right" contestants are notoriously easy to excite but on Thursday's show, one lucky winner went the extra mile after breaking the show's all-time Plinko record: He completely lost his mind.

Ryan (the show only provides contestants' first names) was already worked up when host Drew Carey invited him to the stage, sprinting down the aisles and doing high-fives with the crowd.

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He screamed even louder when Carey revealed he'd be playing the Plinko game, in which contestants drop a chip down a gigantic pinball board to land on a winning sum.

Dropping his first chip, Ryan won the top amount, $10,000, prompting him to scream "Oh, my God!" a bunch of times and spin on the spot. On his next try, he scored a further $1,000, followed by $10,000, $500, and to the disbelief of even Carey, another $10,000 on his last attempt.

It's at that point that Ryan screeched higher than he had before, eyes wide, and danced around the stage in total astonishment. The audience erupted in chants of, "Ryan, Ryan!" See it for yourself above.

Viewers at home were quick to react on Twitter, with one user tweeting, "Thought Ryan was gonna have a heart attack!"

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