Kevin Spacey discusses his passion for 'Clarence Darrow'

Two-time Oscar winner Kevin Spacey took some time out of his busy schedule to visit AOL's BUILD Series. He stopped by to discuss his one-man play, his role in the upcoming season of Netflix's "House of Cards," his upcoming hosting duties at this year's Tony Awards and much more!

Spacey's one-man play 'Clarence Darrow' comes to New York City next month and he was elated to share some of the details about this can't-miss event.

"Instead of doing it in a normal theater, we're going to do it in a place that has never done theater before -- except there is a lot of drama that happens in this space all the time," Spacey explained. "And that's Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens where the U.S. Open is played. We're doing it on the 15th and 16th of June and we're going to build the set onto the court. We won't use the whole court, so we're bringing 600 additional seats in and I walk around the audience a lot.

"There's a tremendous amount of audience participation. I get people to read stuff. I pick on audience members a lot," he said with a laugh.

Spacey admired Darrow, the famous American lawyer responsible for defending many cases including the notable Scopes "Monkey" Trial in 1925. He previously portrayed Darrow in PBS' movie presentation "Darrow" back in 1991, then at The Old Vic in London, where he starred in a production of 'Inherit the Wind' in which he played Darrow, "who's essentially the character of Drummond." Then -- again at The Old Vic -- he played Darrow in his one-man play for six weeks.

"He was a remarkable figure in our country. I think he's a pretty incredible figure to hear from. His perspective, his home sprung logic [and] his sense of humor. I think that it's nice to hear a voice of reason, in particular somebody who's had such an impact on America and the way in which we view each other. The kind of struggles and things that he fought for, I think we're still fighting for and struggling for. It's important to hear a man who's not afraid to put his head above the parapet," Spacey continued.

Spacey embodied Darrow's persona in various mediums and venues for many decades and he credited the time he saw Henry Fonda play Clarence Darrow in his one-man play at a theater in L.A. in 1974 as one of his inspirations for taking on the role himself.

"He was one of my idols, and it always had stayed with me in a big, big way," he explained.

Whether you're a historical buff, a theater enthusiast or simply just intrigued by Darrow's life, you will want to attend Kevin Spacey's one-man play 'Clarence Darrow' in New York next month.

Spacey's foundation will be giving out 100 free tickets to anyone 18-25 years old to see his show. To apply for tickets please fill out the form here. You will be able to select up to 2 tickets and will be randomly assigned a day either Thursday, June 15th or Friday, June 16th 2017. So, if you're in the NYC metropolitan area during that week, feel free to sign up!

You will then receive an email from two days prior to your designated show date. Please note you will need to pick up your tickets from the box office on the day of the performance and will need to provide a valid photo ID on collection of tickets showing you are 18 – 25 years of age. Please note without valid ID, you will be denied entry to the performance.

For regular admission, be sure to check out for all the details.