Christie Brinkley and Billy Joel's daughter, Alexa Ray, goes topless in sultry beach photo

Alexa Ray Joel may have her dad's big eyes, but the rest definitely comes from her mama!

The 31-year-old daughter of Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley, who posed alongside her mom and sister for Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue earlier this year, shared a fully topless photo this week. The brunette beauty is seen by the ocean, lightly cupping her hands over her breasts.

"Cultivate and celebrate the skin you're in; don't compete, don't compare," she wrote. "You're precious and sacred, whether covered or bare."

The photo appears to be a still from Alexa Ray's Sports Illustrated shoot. She previously shared a number of other snaps from the shoot, but always clad in a black bikini. In February, her younger sister, Sailor, shared set photo of both women sans bikini tops.

Sailor is currently traveling with Christie as a volunteer medic in Haiti. Christie is an ambssador for Smile Train, a philanthropic organization that sends doctors to operate on people with cleft palates in impoverished countries.

"We are honored to be amongst such heroes," Christie, clad in scrubs, captioned a photo of herself, Sailor and a Smile Train surgeon named Dr. Damas. When they're not assisting during surgeries, the mom and daughter have been exploring Haiti, which is "well over 100 degrees!" Christie wrote.

Christie Brinkley posts throwback modeling photos on Instagram
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Christie Brinkley posts throwback modeling photos on Instagram
1988 was the first time Sports Illustrated had multiple covers's mine. My favorite thing about this one was that it was shot in Kenya. I owe Sports Illustrated for my love of Kenya and the Majestic African Elephant. Editor Jule Campbell had an image for the cover that included me and elephants trunks up ears flapping .. so we had the most wonderful time charging they the bush with Hemmingway's tracker guiding us looking for elephants. I was on the roof of one car and our photographer John Zimmerman was on the car behind shooting me, and NBC Sportsworld was in the car behind John shooting us both! It was quite a caravan making it hard to sneak up on anybody! But we did have several famous encounters with wildlife! And it was on this trip that I really fell in love with the courage of the mama elephants protecting her young .. I could relate! I had my 3 year old Alexa with me on the trip ... and as We came upon a mama elephant with her calf and I had my baby in my car that she. Outfit have easily rolled.. the two of us looked at each other and I swear we understood each other. That why I try to raise awareness today about ivory poaching that's brought the elephants to the brink of extinction! Letting people know about @dswtfosterparents and the message #saynotoivory #elephants #kenya #extinction #notonmywatch #love
I never could have predicted I would get 3 #SportsIllustrated covers in a row so in 1981 when this happened...🎉🌈👀🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️💃💥☄️⚡️🌪⭐️🥂🍾🏆🎶🌀💗💛💙🎊🎈🎆🎇!!!!!!!! We shot in Captiva, Florida.. waking up in the middle of the night so we could get to the boat in the dark and zip out to some little white sand bar or other beautiful wilderness spot to capture the sunrise. To me to be outdoors to watch the sunrise, and spend the day with a team looking for ways to create something special, and then watch the sun sink into the sea my idea of a perfect day. Thank you Sports Illustrated for giving me so many perfect days! @si_swimsuit @mj_day #cover3
Isn't it a shame that a photo that others deemed iconic and to me was a beautiful loving artful moment, has been removed by people who have issues. And In 2017 I have to crop this photo to be able to post it ... shame on you #Instagram for succumbing to pressure this is a photo of a mother and daughter and pure innocent joy! And to all my friends I'm sorry all your wonderful comments (over 400 of them!) were Lost. #censored #instagram #putitbackoninstagram @si_swimsuit @mj_day @instagram
..and then you could have knocked me over with a seagull feather when I heard I had the cover again for the second year in a row!!! Say what???? ME? Am I on Candid Camera? Lol! This was 1980 and this had never happened before! I was invited on The Tonight Show with Jonny Carson , The Mike Douglas Show, ... Well basically every show !!! It was a really BIG deal! They took me to a fancy lunch at 21 Club and they had a cake painted to look exactly like the cover! I remember describing every detail to my parents every night. Thank you @si_swimsuit #sicover #2 #peterisland #caribbeansea #sishoot #cover2
My First Sports Illustrated Cover in 1979! It was shot in one of the most magical places in the world ... a place where every island in the chain has its own distinct personality. The Seychelles Islands are found off the coast of Madagascar. I travelled there from Los Angeles and it took me almost 4 days just to get there but it was so worth it! On the island called Pralin we stayed in huts on a beach and the door to my hut didn't even go near the ground so I could see the fishermens feet as they walked by and I could hear the waves and birds and coco de mer on the wind was Magical! La Digue Island had the most gorgeous beaches that you had to crawl thru tunnels under giant boulders to access! Transportation was by ox cart. Bats were a local delicacy! On Bird Island the sand was pink and the bugs came in every color! I loved my Sports Illustrated Adventures and sm soooo grateful for the memories! Thank you @si_swimsuit #seychellesisland #photoshoot #sishoot
1975 I made my first appearance in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue.Yes! That's actually me under that crazy Parisian perm done for a shoot in France. I almost didn't go to the casting call for Sports Illustrated because I didn't know how to deal with that mop, and I didn't think I was thin enough. But ironically, They are both the reasons I got hired! When I went for my "go-see" I tucked the "Brillo" pad into a beret. Jule Campbell the editor told me as she was doing the final casting she kept thinking about "that girl in the beret". It had made me stand out! And she liked my weight, because you couldn't see my bones. I got the job , eventually the cover, ( and a few more covers!) and it changed the course of my career and my life in the best most exciting way! So Ladies, and girls out there, those little things you may think are flaws, may be just the things that make you uniquely you! Don't ever let your fears hold you back! Be brave in little and in big ways! Have the courage to go for it! And hang on to that attitude because you are never too old for a new adventure! You are never any younger than you are today .. so get up , suck it in, shoulders back chin up, berets on! Smile...ADVENTURE AWAITS!!! @si_swimsuit @mj_day @alexarayjoel @sailorbrinkleycook #sportsillustrated #beyourownkindofbeautiful #thankyouJule Campbell #thankyoumj
Hey look who switched to @bellissimaprosecco HERES TO A HAPPY BELLISSIMA WEEK END EVERYONE ! CHEERS! #fbf I was the first woman to ever represent a light beer! Now I'm the first with my own all natural ORGANIC AND DELICIOUS Prosecco... I'll drink to that! @si_swimsuit #bellissimaprosecco #rosé #brutdoc #zerosugar #throwbackabubbly!
#throwbackthursday I was in Italy 🇮🇹 #the collections #Valentino Maybe late 70's early 80's my mom framed it. 🌹🥀
The theme of my Throw Back Thursday is "live Each Day To the Fullest " because 30 years goes by in the wink of an eye! I used to think that meant cramming my day full of Adventure, work, projects , long TO Do Lists , etc and that's fine and fun .. but now I also understand ( in my wise old age😉) it can also mean simply being in the moment , appreciative and full of gratitude. Just like when you hold a camera and look for beauty, can look for what you can be consciously grateful for .. The practice of gratitude brings joy perspective contentment that helps slow the speed of time and enriches each day with beauty and love, that you can then share with others and add to whatever you are doing. And always remember no matter what you are doing with your day, do it with a smile! PS This is one of my favorite covers for obvious reasons ...@alexarayjoel @harpersbazaarus #harpersbazaar @patrickdemarchelier #tbt
Thank you @epicfashionmoments for including me on your epic page! This photo was taken by the icon himself @bruce_weber and was shot in the Pepperdine Swimming pool for #nytimesmagazine and ultimately used in my calendar back in the 80's Hope everyone's day is going swimmingly well!

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