Conan O'Brien comments on Colbert's Trump-Putin joke: 'It's hard to know what's too far'

On Tuesday's Watch What Happens Live, Conan O'Brien was asked about Stephen Colbert's controversial Trump-Putin joke and whether or not he thought it was appropriate.

O'Brien started off his answer by complimenting Colbert on his talent and saying he doesn't like to make it a point to judge his fellow late night hosts.

"I love Stephen and he's an incredibly talented guy and I know how hard that gig is," O'Brien said, possibly referencing his brief run as host of NBC's Tonight Show.

But, he said, "I think we are getting into a world right now where it's hard to know what's too far because everything seems like we are going over the edge at times."

O'Brien said he's not making apologies for Colbert's joke, but that he's sympathetic to how difficult it is to craft jokes given the chaos of the recent news cycle.

"In that moment I think he was reflecting some of the madness that all of us are feeling at times," said O'Brien.

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