Writer shares touching story about Mister Rogers -- and it'll definitely make you cry


Fred Rogers, the host of beloved public television show "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood," undoubtedly touched the lives of many.

After seeing a quote by Rogers circulating on social media (see above) following the deadly Manchester bombing, one man recalled on Monday night a story in a lengthy Twitter spree of how the beloved Mister Rogers saved him from himself.

Just a forewarning ... you're going to need tissues for this one.

"Fred Rogers was from Pittsburgh, my hometown, and my generation grew up loving this man, who taught us to be kind above all," Anthony Breznican, a writer, began.

While in college, Anthony rediscovered "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" while Rogers' iconic song -- "Won't you be my neighbor ..." -- blasted from a television in an empty room while he was walking out of his dorm. It couldn't have come at a better time:

"The future seemed dark. I was struggling, lonely, dealing with a lot of broken pieces and not adjusting well."

He said he left feeling a lot better after seeing the show and Rogers' familiar face.

Days later, he ran into Mister Rogers in an elevator. It was fate.

"The doors open. Mr. Rogers is standing there," Breznican wrote. "I can't believe it. I get in and he nods at me. I do back. I think he could sense a geek-out coming. But I kept it together."

And while the story could've ended right there, with Anthony and Rogers going their separate ways after getting off the elevator -- it didn't. It turned into a tear-jerking, incredible conversation between the two. Read the rest of Anthony's story in the slideshow above.

Rogers passed away in 2003 at the age 74, just two years after his show ended its 33-year run. While Mr. Rogers is no longer with us, his legacy lives on.

"When Mr. Rogers died in 2003, I sat at my computer with tears in my eyes. But I wasn't crying over the death of a celebrity." Anthony ended his Twitter story. "I was mourning the loss of a neighbor."