Drake to Billboard Music Awards host Vanessa Hudgens during acceptance speech: 'You look amazing'

Drake took a moment while accepting his 12th award of the night at Sunday's (March 21) Billboard Music Awards to make sure that co-host Vanessa Hudgens knew that her style on the evening had not gone unappreciated.

"Vanessa Hudgens, you look amazing," Drizzy opined, to roaring audience reception.

One person in the crowd was not so amused: Nicki Minaj, who was captured in her seat responding with (likely mock) incredulity: "Excuse me? What about me?"

Eagle-eyed BBMAs viewers on Twitter also noted that Drake had taken particular notice of Hudgens earlier, in a reaction shot of his captured in response to her rapping of Nicki Minaj's "Monster" guest verse.

Drake also used the opportunity to settle long-expired beef with the show's other host, Ludacris. "I know we haven't always seen eye to eye," he recalled, likely referring to a minor on-record 2011 back-and-forth, but offered for the record, "I got a lot of love for you."

Later, Hudgens joked on stage that she would be heading to Drake's after party post-BBMAs, asking, "I'm invited, right?"